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Junior Software Developer

C, C++, C# Python(basic degree), Java(basic degree), Html5+, Css3+, PHP(basic degree), 3D Unity and moderately familiar with all adobe programs. Database; I have knowledge of SQLServer, MSsql management and design. I am also interested in adobe animate. I love learning, To do sport, watch movie, and software.

  • Birthday: 17 July 2000
  • City: Sakarya, Turkey
  • Experience: 1+ years
  • Age: 23
  • Degree: Junior
  • Freelance: Available

I became acquainted with software during my high school years. I wouldn't describe myself as an exceptionally hardworking student, but I excel at achieving what I set my mind to. Throughout high school, I dedicated my time to working on software-related projects. My major focus was on database programming, and I also acquired basic knowledge of HTML and CSS during my coursework.Currently, I am a student at Bartın University, where I continue to enhance my skills and knowledge. I reside in Turkey. While I possess a broad range of knowledge across various fields, I haven't specialized in a single area yet. I am open to exploring different paths based on the opportunities that arise. Additionally, I have been actively engaged in sports for a significant period. Overall, I am eager to find a career that aligns with my interests and allows me to further develop myself.


HTML 60%
CSS 50%
C# 50%
SQL 40%
ERP 30%
All Adobe Programs 65%


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Bartin University

2019 - 2023

Computer Technology and Information Systems

Sakarya Technical and Industrial Vocational High School

2014 - 2018

Database Programming


Arsan Kaucuk | Office Worker

2023 July - Continues

IT Personnel

Kardesler Alüminyum | Office Worker

2023 August - 2023 July

Produciton Planner

SEDAŞ | Intern

2016 - 2017

IT Department


My Projects

Unity 3D Game Project

3d garbage collection game using unity.

Unity VR Project

VR project using unity and 3ds max.

MSsql Student Management Systems Database

Student management system project using mssql.

Adobe Animate Super Mario Animation Project

Super mario animation project using adobe animate and dreamweaver.

PHP Ticket Sell Website

Ticket sales project using php.

HTML Basic Table Website

Personal website project from simple tables using html.


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Sakarya, Turkey

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